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Bob Bayer Black Widow liners and shaders now available

We got some handmade machines in the shop by local maker Bob Bayer of Big Bear Tattoo. 2 Black Widow shaders and 2 Black Widow liners. $275 each Shader specs: 5.5v /105-108hz / 0.31-0.43a Liner specs: 5.5v /135-138hz / 0.37-0.47a All handmade. All American. Come down and check them out!


Hombrew Ink presents: Sexual Chocolate

Ladies and gentlemen we proudly present our new brown pigment: SEXUAL CHOCOLATE. First batch is limited so come on down and grab some of it at St. Louis Tattoo Supply. Homebrew Ink. True powder pigment made with only consumable carriers. Traceable by batch and lot for all your paperwork.